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The Bohlin Company #5 - Lone Ranger Engraved Buckle Set

The Bohlin Company #5 - Lone Ranger Engraved Buckle Set

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  • History of the 5

    • This elegant buckle design has been in continuous use since the early twenties
    • This classic shape has been the foundation of many of our other 1” buckle sets.
    • It was Edward Bohlin’s unique relationship with Hollywood and its growing dependency on the western film genre that created the classic western look so dominant in film throughout this century
    • The No. 5, and its big brother, the No. 6, a 1-1/2” version, created the stylish combination look of a belt and buckle set worn together with a gun belt buckle set.



    • H  -  2 1/4" x  W - 2 3/8"   Buckle
    • H  -  1 1/16"  x  W - 3/4"   Keeper
    • H -  1"  x  W - 1 5/8"    Tip
    • Sterling Silver
    • Fully Engraved, using the engraving pattern that Bohlin designed in the 1930s, giving the buckle its western feel
    • Etched line surrounds each piece
    • This buckle set was made famous by The Lone Ranger, Clayton Moore
    • Fits a belt tapered to 1” 


    • The Lone Ranger

      • Popular television show that ran from 1949 to 1957
      • Portrayed by Clayton Moore
      • A former Texas Ranger who was the sole survivor of an ambush
      • Later found alive by a Native American named Tonto
      • Nursed back to health, they became a team to hunt down the person responsible for the ambush
      • After succeeding, they continued to fight for justice
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