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Five Stone Pilot Mountain Turquoise Cuff by Albert Jake

Five Stone Pilot Mountain Turquoise Cuff by Albert Jake

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A large rectangular piece of Pilot Mountain Turquoise is flanked on either side by two smaller rectangular pieces and two oval pieces, set elegantly and simply in a smooth silver bezel. This fully adjustable cuff is small enough to wear comfortably every day, but makes a huge impact with its lovely deep brown and sand colored inclusions, making the stone appear green where they meet.

The Pilot Mountain Turquoise Mine is located in western Nevada. It first began as a copper mine. Soon after it was realized that the Turquoise found there was extremely high quality and more fertile than the copper. Copper mining ceased and the mine was claimed for mining Turquoise instead. Pilot Mountain Turquoise is known world wide for it vast array of colors and quality. 

  • Materials: Pilot Mountain Turquoise, Sterling Silver
  • Fully adjustable, one size fits most.
  • Dimensions: 2.75" wide, 5/8" high, 2" deep.
  • Hallmark: A. Jake, Sterling.
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