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"Futurity Bit" by Wilson Capron

"Futurity Bit" by Wilson Capron

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The horse industry today is as popular and active as ever. Lately Capron has been focused on creations that cater to contemporary style. The Futurity Bit’s shanks are based on a very popular pattern produced by Capron’s friend Jim Edwards. The mouthpiece is also a variation on one Capron’s mentor, Greg Darnall, has produced for years and is in wide use. To “twist” the design and make it his own, Capron turned to surface decorations. Well known for his relief engraved scrollwork and use of inlay, the bit features refined scrolls intertwined with 24k gold inlay. The decorated surfaces are framed by a pinstripe inlay of fine silver and 24k gold, helping to turn a very functional bit design into something special. Stand included.

Wilson Capron grew up in far West Texas with a family background in ranching. He graduated from Texas A&M University-Commerce in 1996 with a degree in agricultural economics with business minor. The same year he began to apprentice under bit and spur maker Greg Darnall. He then opened Capron Bits and Spurs in 1999. Capron’s unique designs also stem from the influence of his father, artist and cowboy Mike Capron. Wilson lives in Christoval with his wife, Katy, and daughters, Macy and Emmy.

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