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"Ladies Spanish Colonial Spurs" by John C. Ennis

"Ladies Spanish Colonial Spurs" by John C. Ennis

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Ennis’ ladies spurs reflect the Spanish Colonial period of California from 1780 – 1840. The outside heel bands have opposing “C” scrolls and are inlaid with fine silver while the inside heel bands have a twisted rope motif. The steel spurs are fully engraved, have a highly polished nitre blue finish and both sides of the shanks are inlaid with silver. Additional features are filigreed external buttons, fluted internal buttons and filigreed steel finials on the inside and outside, complemented with bands of fine silver. The sculpted steel heel bands and drop shanks are hand engraved in patterns reminiscent of Colonial Spanish court craftsmanship. Filigreed hangers and faceted jingle bobs accompany 24 point 2 inch diameter rowels.

(Emeritus Member) The first pair of spurs John C. Ennis made for himself were in the Spanish vaquero style — an elegant tradition he still favors. Combining formal training in gunsmithing from the Colorado School of Trades and years of experience as a tool and die maker, Ennis started a business restoring antique firearms. He incorporated bit and spur making into his business in 1998. In 2005 the Ennis family moved from his home state of California to Council, Idaho, near the picturesque Hell’s Canyon.

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