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"Presentation Quirt" by Jay Adcock

"Presentation Quirt" by Jay Adcock

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This presentation quirt is decorated with various knot styles from the United States and Argentina and accented with burgundy dyed rawhide. The quirt’s body consists of 16 strands braided over a twisted and tapered rawhide core.

Jay Adcock grew up amongst a ranching family in Oklahoma. He was inspired by his grandfather to work with rawhide and leather at an early age. He spent some time with Oregon rawhide braider Frank Hansen and honed his craft while working on various ranches across the Western United States. Adcock went through the Texas Christian University Ranch Management Program in 1992 and was awarded the Academy of Western Artists Braider of the Year Award in 2006. He braids rawhide full time and lives with his daughter Ella on a cow-calf operation outside of Pawhuska, Oklahoma. He also has a son, Hayden, who resides in Butte, Montana.

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The Traditional Cowboy Arts Exhibition will be available for viewing through January 2, 2024. Ownership of piece transfers to the buyer at time of purchase. Piece will stay on display in the exhibition until January 2, 2024. Shipment will then be arranged with the buyer and buyer is responsible for all shipping fees. 

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