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Steer Clear T-Shirt, Olive

Steer Clear T-Shirt, Olive

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If you're like Tim, the morning cannot truly begin without a cup of hot coffee. In fact, it's best to steer clear before a full cup has been consumed! 

This shirt is ready-made vintage. The soft cotton makes this shirt feel as though you've loved it for years already. It is a garment dyed shirt, so slight fading is expected - and makes every shirt unique! 

The main graphic is on the back, with our logo and Tim's hashtag on the front chest pocket area. 

Proudly printed in Oklahoma, this shirt is 100% cotton, making it breathable during the hot months. The fit is a unisex T-Shirt fit, with sizing based off men's sizes.

The fit is boxy, and made to be on the loose side. Be cautious when washing!! Warm water and high heat WILL shrink this shirt. When in doubt, choose 1 size up from the size you would wear with a basic cotton T-shirt. 

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