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Dark Royston Turquoise Sun Ray Ring

Dark Royston Turquoise Sun Ray Ring

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Designed and handmade by Navajo artists, this 1970s vintage Royston turquoise ring features a marquis cut dark brown, green, and blue stone in a gorgeous setting of delicately hand-etched sterling silver. The stone itself is smooth and polished, surrounded by an elevated bezel featuring the rays of the sun. At the base, tiny details wrap around the entire design, splitting into a double pronged shoulder that meets in the back of the ring.

The Royston Turquoise Mine is located within the Royston District, located approximately 20 miles northeast of Tonepah, Nevada. Active mining of Turquoise began in the Royston District about 1904, and shortly after, three claims were filed: Royal Blue, Oscar Wehrend and Bunker Hill. In later years came the Easter Blue and then the current mining region, "The Royston Mine," when Lynn Otteson came to Tonopah in 1958.

The Royston mine produces some incredible turquoise ranging in color from a deep sky blue to dark greens. Often the colors run together in the same stone with the golden brown mottled or webbed matrix. The mine currently produces some very high grade material, but in limited quantities. 

Royston turquoise and sterling silver, Size 4.25.
Ring measures just over 1" tall, 0.5" wide at band beginning, 5/8" diameter.
Hallmarks: Sterling Silver, Handmade, Art Silver Shop.

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