Authentic Hand-Crafted Native American Jewelry

At Persimmon Hill, we're dedicated to the preservation of history. We take our time in building partnerships with our distributors to ensure we offer the highest quality handmade pieces from master artists across the Southwest. Our rings, cuffs and bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and bolos showcase a range of techniques, from Zuni channel inlay to bench-made beads and Navajo pearls, sand cast and hand-stamped sterling silver settings and expertly crafted tooling in every piece.

The stones featured in our jewelry come from mines all over the world, from Sleeping Beauty turquoise, a longtime favorite because of its bright, clear blue hue, to varying shades of spiderwebbed Kingman turquoise, to rarer types such as Morenci and Battle Mountain turquoise. We're proud to offer some of the most in-demand and collectible turquoise types in our Native American jewelry, such as Sonoran Gold, which boasts an eye-catching green hue, and Golden Hills turquoise, also known as Desert Lavender, which comes from Kazakhstan. Accented with Noble coral, onyx, mother of pearl, jasper, and spiny oyster, to name a few, our jewelry is designed to stand apart.

When you invest in a piece of Native American jewelry from our store, you're not just getting beautiful and unique pieces. You're getting the heart and soul of the Southwest, a piece of history pulled from the Earth and masterfully crafted to be cherished for generations to come.