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Hank The Cow Dog #76: The Case Of The Missing Teeth

Hank The Cow Dog #76: The Case Of The Missing Teeth

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Slim's phone doesn't ring very often, so on the rare occasions that it does he's usually in for an adventure! This time it's a search and rescue operation for Miss Viola's father, Woodrow, who went missing while making his daily rounds of the pastures.

Unfortunately, the mission led by Hank, Slim, and Deputy Kile comes to a screeching halt when an unexpected Texas downpour turns the ranch roads to mud and strands their vehicles in a ditch. Now, it's up to Viola to save the day and get the search team back on track.

But, when the rain finally lets up, they soon realize that the most bizarre part of this day wasn't something any of them could have predicted! In this adventure, Slim regales Hank with a song about the unpredictable ranch weather in The Great American Desert. Later, Hank recalls a duet he and Drover composed about proper canine hygiene called, A Dog Should Smell Like a Dog.

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