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2020 Prix de West Bolo, Kokopelli by Paul Moore

2020 Prix de West Bolo, Kokopelli by Paul Moore

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Our 2020 Collector's Bolo features a Kokopelli, sculpted in bronze by Oklahoma artist Paul Moore.

When asked to design the 2020 collectors’ bolo, Moore said he wanted to create an image that was related to the Southwest and very unique to previous years’ designs. He chose the Kokopelli — not only because of its popularity, but also because of the chance it afforded Moore to educate, which he said has always been a major goal with his art.

The Kokopelli is probably the best known kachina and, at the same time, one of the least known,” Moore said. “Its popular image of the humpback flute player is taken from an Anasazi cave drawing and has little to do with the actual look of the real kachina.”

The actual Kokopelli kachina is associated with fertility, good luck, joy, seasonal change and plentiful rain leading to an abundant harvest, Moore said.

Add to your collection of our Prix de West bolos, or start your collection today! These bolos are replicas of the original artwork. Each bolo comes with a braided horsehair bolo tie. 

The bolo comes in bronze.  

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