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2024 PdW Bolo by T.D. Kelsey, Bronze

2024 PdW Bolo by T.D. Kelsey, Bronze

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Sculptor T.D. Kelsey has been a fixture at the Prix de West Invitational Art Exhibition & Sale for more than a decade, but when he was asked to design the show's annual Collectors' Bolo, even he had a moment's pause.

"I was terrified, totally terrified," Kelsey said earlier this year. "I had never done anything like that, and you know how many art loves and artists themselves see (it)."

Kelsey crafted a work that features a design of a wild horse, a subject near and dear to the artist from years on ranches and in rodeos.

"I gathered wild horses for the government for years and years. That's one of my passions," he said.

The Collectors' Bolo tradition began in 1986. 

Add to your collection of our Prix de West bolos, or start your collection today! These bolos are replicas of the original artwork. Each bolo comes with a braided horsehair bolo tie.

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