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A Collection of One: T.D. Kelsey

A Collection of One: T.D. Kelsey

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Born in Shelley, Idaho in 1946, TD Kelsey grew up in a ranching family. In his early years, he displayed artistic abilities, which were not viewed favorably due to the more important and pressing responsibilities of a ranching family. 

Like many ranch kids of that era, he was influenced by art of Charlie Russell and the writing and art of Will James. He worked with horses, learned to fly crop dusting planes and dug fence post holes on the ranch. 

He met his wife Sidni Johnson through the horse business, and made his living flying planes for United Airlines. Sidni encouraged him to pursue life in the art world. She always encouraged him to pursue his talents. In 1969 TD started casting sculptures in Colorado. 

Ranch life, rodeo, and wild animals of North America and Africa were all inspiring subjects for TD's sculpting. He didn't study his subjects in a zoo. but up close and dangerously in the wilderness where they were. 

In speaking with TD he quietly said, "What better life is there? This is the best job there is. Art has made me an active participant, not a tourist. There is no looking back, only the excitement of what's next, and always thinking, that it's good to be busy." 

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