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Articulated Sunface Kachina Earrings

Articulated Sunface Kachina Earrings

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Kachinas are masked and costumed dancers representing various spiritual and natural aspects of life. They are messengers who bestow blessings and nurture life. 

The Sunface Kachina represents the spirit of the Sun and is considered to be one of the more powerful Kachinas because the Sun is thought to be the brightest and largest of all the stars.

These polished sterling silver Kachina earrings move not only at the hook earring, but at the neck of each figure, allowing them to shine beautifully when they catch the light. Hand-stamped and tooled, they wear naja necklaces and decorated robes.

  • Measurements: 2 3/4" long including hook, 1" wide.
  • Hallmark: Sterling
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