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Bluebirds by Morris Rippel, Unsigned

Bluebirds by Morris Rippel, Unsigned

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A scene like the one portrayed in "Bluebirds" typifies Morris Rippel's deep sense of architectural appreciation and skill in portraying scenes that are fast disappearing.

Mr. Rippel paints in both watercolor and egg tempera. He began his painting career in 1964, after practicing as an architect for 15 years. He frequently studies a place for years before painting it so that he can express familiarity and personal involvement.

Morris Rippel was presented the prestigious Prix de West Purchase Award this egg tempera paintings entitled Blue Birds. He has received five gold medals and two silver medals in the watercolor category at the National Academy of Western Art show (now called the Prix de West.)

To add to his fame he was the featured artist at Rendezvous, an exhibition at the famous Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa, OK. Then he crossed the ocean at the invitation of the Royal Watercolour Society in London, England. He was truly an extraordinary painter.

Dimensions: 28 x 20 inches

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