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Bronco Buster, Medium Bronze with Black Base

Bronco Buster, Medium Bronze with Black Base

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Bronco Buster
By Frederic Remington

The Bronco Buster is the world’s most famous piece of American art. Frederic Remington presented it as a gift to President Theodore Roosevelt. 

The Bronco Buster was Frederic Remington's first bronze sculpture. It has since come to symbolize all that is triumphant and heroic of the American West. The Bronco Buster reflects Remington's attention to detail, along with his ingenious rendering of intense movement combined with a delicate sense of balance.

A casting of Remington's The Bronco Buster sculpture has resided in The White House since Theodore Roosevelt's presidency.

This replica offers a change for you to bring this American image into your home or office. 

Bronze statue on a black marble base.

Dimensions: 13" H x 10" L x 5" W

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