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Cheyenne, Medium Bronze

Cheyenne, Medium Bronze

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By Frederic Remington, 1901

The Cheyenne Sculpture by Frederic Remington depicts a member of the Cheyenne tribe riding into battle. The war-like expression of the piece resembles what the chief would look like during an attack. This sculpture is sure to impress guests with its detail and meaning alike.

Regarded by Frederic Remington as one of his most challenging sculptures to create, The Cheyenne reflects Remington's desire to depict a horse in natural flight. Depicted at full gallop, all four of the horse's legs are seen off the ground, with its Cheyenne Indian rider holding a spear in his hand and balanced by the length of a buffalo robe.

The Cheyenne is Remington in full mastery of his art. This Remington reproduction bronze statue is museum quality and hand-cast in bronze using the “Lost Wax Process” of bronze casting.

Green marble base.

Dimensions: 11 L x 13 H x 6 W (inches)

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