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Hank the Cowdog #72: The Case of the Three Toed Tree Sloth

Hank the Cowdog #72: The Case of the Three Toed Tree Sloth

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Pete the Barn Cat isn't known for his reliable storytelling, but when his report about a strange, tree-devouring creature is corroborated by another source namely J.T. Cluck, the ranch's head rooster Hank decides to investigate.

However, just as the plot begins to thicken, Pete claims that it was all a joke and that the creature, a Three-Toed Tree Sloth, was really just a porcupine! Fortunately, Hank realizes that that's just what a sneaky cat would say to throw him off the trail, and his continued investigation soon leads him to a strange, bumbling little creature the Tree Sloth at last!

With the finely tuned instincts of a Head of Ranch Security, Hank realizes that he must arrest this intruder! However, things don't turn out quite like he'd planned, and Hank soon has a very serious problem on his hands...

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