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Hallett Peak Golden Hill Turquoise Brim Biter™

Hallett Peak Golden Hill Turquoise Brim Biter™

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Brim Biter ™ is a contemporary, handmade, sterling silver & turquoise jewelry clip for your hat brim, lapel, boot shaft, you name it! The head of this silver snake is gorgeous Golden Hill Turquoise.

Desert Lavender or Golden Hill Turquoise is one of the most distinct-looking turquoise pieces out in the turquoise market. Introduced to the US markets in 2018, its light baby blue appearance coupled with brown to ‘lavender’ matrixes is quite distinguishable. This rare and beautiful gem is found in the deposit in the Altyn-Tyube mine in Kazakhstan.

“Brim Biter” is an Official Trademark of Matthew Herring / Hallett Peak LLC. This design is officially Patent-Pending through the USPTO, copyrighted through the US Library of Congress and Trademarked by name. 

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