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Hallett Peak Premium Blue Moon Turquoise Brim Biter™

Hallett Peak Premium Blue Moon Turquoise Brim Biter™

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Brim Biter ™ is a contemporary, handmade, sterling silver & turquoise jewelry clip for your hat brim, lapel, boot shaft, you name it! This one centers around a colorful piece of Blue Moon Turquoise.

The primary mining locations for Blue Moon Turquoise are situated in the southwestern United States, notably in Arizona and Nevada. These regions are known for their unique geological conditions, including copper-rich environments and distinctive rock formations, which provide the ideal conditions for the creation of Blue Moon Turquoise. 

“Brim Biter” is an Official Trademark of Matthew Herring / Hallett Peak LLC. This design is officially Patent-Pending through the USPTO, copyrighted through the US Library of Congress and Trademarked by name. 

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