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Scissor-tailed Flycatcher Enamel Pin

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher Enamel Pin

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Under House Joint Resolution Number 21, signed into law on May 26, 1951, the scissor-tailed flycatcher (earlier called Muscivora forficata, now called Tyrannus forficatus) became Oklahoma's state bird. Despite a failed first attempt to make the bird the official symbol, the scissortail was eventually chosen for its diet of harmful insects, its Oklahoma-centered nesting range, and by the fortunate circumstance that no other state had designated it.

Celebrate our wonderful flying friends with this die-cast enamel pin! Featuring a metal butterfly attachment and a textured back for non-slip wear, it's sure to add flair to anything you wish. Our pins are high quality, collectible pieces of art that you can take anywhere!

Bird measures 1.25" in length, has a wingspan of 1", and comes packaged in cellophane with a paper backing.

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