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Cowgirl Team Roping Fun Toy Set

Cowgirl Team Roping Fun Toy Set

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Yeeeeee-haw! Saddle up the Quarter Horse…it's time to practice for the rodeo! Grab the lasso and show off your roping skills. The Cowgirl Team Roping Fun playset from Schleich® Farm World comes with a specially painted Texas Longhorn calf figure, a toy Quarter Horse, a toy cowgirl, fences, a saddle, and of course, the lasso. Recommended for cowgirls, cowboys, and ranch hands ages 3 and up.

Lassoing a Longhorn calf ain't no easy chore! You've been practicing for hours…swinging that lariat above your head, throwing the rope, and always comin' up short. Your arms are tired, but you reckon you'll try one last time. Giddy-up! You grip the catch rope, give a kick of the spurs, and raise the loop above your head...and then? Where the story goes next is up to you.

  • Age Recommendation: 3-8 years
  • Dimensions: 7.5" x 3.2" x 5.9"
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