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Grand Canyon - Kaibab Trail by Clark Hulings

Grand Canyon - Kaibab Trail by Clark Hulings

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Collectors are still waiting in line for the originals of Clark Hulings' Grand Canyon paintings, so this print is one of the best ways to have a canyon landscape of your own.

"Kaibab Trail" won the inaugural Prix de West prize in 1973, and it's truly spectacular.

The light and shadow on the snow in the foreground with the mules coming up the trail towards us, the feeling of the "fall" in the deep crevice with its weathered evergreens, the snow-covered orange granite giving way to purple rock in the distance, all the way to the almost-Renaissance puffy clouds.

Hulings says in his book "A Gallery of Paintings" that he had to wait three days for snowfall, then the hired muleskinner did the hour-long trail circuit multiple times as he took photographs throughout the day as material for his final composition.

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