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Halo del Santo Chilito Cocktail Garnish Tin, 5 oz.

Halo del Santo Chilito Cocktail Garnish Tin, 5 oz.

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Halo del Santo® ("Saint's Halo") is an all-natural blend of kosher salt, fiery chile, and tart citrus. It took founders and brothers Scott and Matt nineteen iterations to get exactly right, and they're so proud of how it turned out. On sweet-and-sour cocktails like palomas, on savory brunch cocktails like Bloody Marys, and even on Mexican beers, it's hard to beat!

They use 100% natural ingredients worthy of a top-shelf, craft cocktail. The spicy, salty, and sour notes are bright, clean, and lively. Finely ground organic rice hulls keep this garnish from clumping, and it contains none of the debris visible in grocery-grade competitors. Taste a Halo rim once, and you won't want plain salt on your glass again.

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