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Hand-Tooled Silver Shield Ring with Spiny Oyster Inlay

Hand-Tooled Silver Shield Ring with Spiny Oyster Inlay

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The petal design and contrasting patina of this ring add to its fun and sophisticated style. The bright orange of the Spiny Oyster inlay creates a beautiful contrast to the silver, which is finished with a buffed sheen.

Spiny oyster is a sustainable byproduct collected by diving to collect the shells of bivalve mollusks that live in the warm waters of the Gulf of California on the Baja Peninsula and thrive from North Carolina to Brazil. It’s found in white, pink, yellow, orange, red, purple, and a pleasing brown, with a depth of interesting striation; it adds a breathtaking contrast when paired with other stones. Spiny oyster comes in many shades, ranging from pale peach to very deep red. 

  • Dimensions: 13/16" wide, 1" high, 7/8" deep
  • Hallmarks: B, Sterling
  • Size 7
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