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Hollis Williford: The Crossing at the River by Eric Grant

Hollis Williford: The Crossing at the River by Eric Grant

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"In Swedish, there is a word -- 'Etka' -- which means genuine, the true, the essential quality of things," said Clarence Tillenius, an artist and friend. "Hollis is constantly seeking the essential ingredient, the thing that makes his sculpture live. You feel, in the presence of his sculptures, that here is a man who is concerned only with rendering the essential truth of things."

Experience the artistic legacy of Hollis Williford, from his boyhood home in Texas to his adventures in the wilds. From an obscure childhood, he rose to become one of the 20th century's preeminent American artists. He stood for freedom and the power of individuality. His life exemplifies how anyone -- no matter their economic condition -- can pursue any dream and overcome any obstacle.

Hollis Randol Williford was an American artist known for his remarkable versatility and creative range. He excelled in drawing, sculpting, painting and etching, and his work earned him esteem among collectors and institutions alike. The genius of Williford's work is how it often occupied two spaces and two points in time at once. The artist created many works that embodied the liminal space between two worlds, stretching the limits of composition for the artist and heightening the sense of mystery for the viewer.

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