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Jerry Jordan: Together Always Our Spirit

Jerry Jordan: Together Always Our Spirit

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Since his first visit to Taos at age nineteen, Jerry Jordan was "captured" by the land, sky, and Indigenous peoples of Northern New Mexico. "I will never forget the feeling of awe," he says. "I remember taking a deep breath and thinking, How would I paint that?" Six decades later, Jordan remains in awe with each colorful canvas conveying his oneness with the common threads that unite people across time and place. This insider's look at Jordan's career highlights times of agony and defeat, chance encounters, and divine interventions. It's an inspired tale in which Jordan reminds us that we are all "riding on the back of hope, pointing our face toward our dreams . . . and walking our destiny with the God-given talent placed in our DNA."

Often compared to art by the fabled Taos Society of Artists, Jordan's paintings are distinguished by loads of paint, vibrant pigments, animated brushwork, pulsing patterns, and titles that speak to the soul.

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