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Large Hand-Tooled White Buffalo Ring by Greg Platero

Large Hand-Tooled White Buffalo Ring by Greg Platero

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Expertly handcrafted by Greg Platero, this Large Hand-Tooled White Buffalo Ring is a true statement piece. The classic sterling silver setting and hand-stamped thick band provide a stunning frame for the striking dark white buffalo stone. Elevate your style with this elegant and sophisticated cocktail ring.

The only place in the world where white buffalo turquoise is found is in Tonopah, Nevada. This beautiful white stone is not turquoise but rather a dolomite stone. The name derives from the Native American belief that white buffaloes are pure and rare like the white buffalo turquoise stone. White buffalo turquoise is a symbol of Native American culture and is one of the rarest stones on the market.

  • Size 11
  • Dimensions: 1 3/16" across, 2 3/16" high, 1 5/16" deep including setting
  • Hallmarks: GP, Sterling
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