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Loyal to the Land: The Legendary Parker Ranch

Loyal to the Land: The Legendary Parker Ranch

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Loyal to the Land is a sweeping history of one of the United States' largest working ranches, the Big Island of Hawaii's Parker Ranch. Dr. Bergin chronicles the ranch from its establishment on two acres purchased for ten dollars by John Palmer Parker to the years following World War II and the beginning of a new era of family ranch management under Parker’s grandson, Richard Smart.

In this wide-ranging and insightful book, illustrated with more than 250 historical photos, Dr. Bergin first discusses the important Hispanic vaquero roots of ranching in Hawaii. He then relates the histories of the five foundation families, providing rich and detailed information on key members who contributed to the Ranch's success.

The balance of the book examines every aspect of Parker Ranch development: management, labor, improvements and diversification of livestock, veterinary and animal care programs, and the Ranch’s role and influence on the Big Island and the state.

About the Author:

Dr. Billy Bergin was born and raised on the Big Island of Hawai‘i. He attended Kansas State University, where he received a doctorate in veterinary medicine in 1967. Dr. Bergin went on to establish the first private large-animal veterinary hospital on the Big Island and served as chief veterinarian at Parker Ranch from 1970 to 1995. From 1971 to the present he has been a medical officer with the Livestock and Disease Control Division, State of Hawai‘i Department of Agriculture.

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