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Original Teton Mountaineering Bracelet - Sunshine

Original Teton Mountaineering Bracelet - Sunshine

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Sunshine Leather and Metal with Freshwater Pearls.

A fan favorite is in stock and just in time for summer! For a limited time only, the Sunshine Teton Mountaineering Bracelet is back.

The Teton Mountaineering Bracelet is a union of Shari's extensive design expertise and her love for the spirit and history of Jackson Hole. Created with the inspiration of the original Teton Mountaineering Equipment and infused with the natural simplicity of the pearls, it represents a unique piece of Jackson's History. The Teton Mountain Range is a part of the Rocky Mountains. The five freshwater pearls on the bracelet actually represent the five major peaks of the Tetons, also known as the Cathedral Group. Their names are Grand Teton, Mount Owen, Teewinot, Middle Teton, and South Teton. Simply twist the memory wire design to fit your wrist size, and take your memories of the Tetons home with you, by styling one of our signature designs!

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