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Selected Works by Scott L. Christensen

Selected Works by Scott L. Christensen

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in 1944 the British writer C.S. Lewis warned an audience of university graduates to ignore the siren song of "The Inner Ring" - that exclusive club, circle, or group you long to be invited to join. 

Having finally gained access, it inevitably will not be enough for you, and so you will always be seeking the next Inner Ring. Many people spend their entire lives pursuing such acceptance, which is ironic considering they would be far happier just being themselves, creating their own Ring of fulfillment, maybe even of joy. 

Scott Christensen's longtime attentiveness to Lewis's warning says a lot about him. He is a painter uninterested in the art world's rat race, in its clubs, contests, and other standard markers of achievement. 

Based in Victor, Idaho - not Jackson Hold, Santa Fe or Denver - he does his own thing, which is evermore rare in the increasingly codified and competitive world of American plein air painting. 

First and foremost, Christensen is - in his own words - "obsessed" with capturing nature. Nature is his muse, and his paintings of iconic mountains, meadows, bodies of waters, and sunsets in America and Europe are characterized by quiet grandeur; even when a storm is approaching, there seems to be relatively little movement. The motion, in fact, lies deeper within the painting, and within the artist who made it. 

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