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Shadow of a Cowboy CD - WHA Winner 2020

Shadow of a Cowboy CD - WHA Winner 2020

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"I got to know Andy Hedges on a concert tour we both shared with Ramblin' Jack Elliott. Ramblin' Jack re-invented and carried on the idea of the cowboy song. He accomplished this by keeping the style and story firmly rooted in the folklore of The West. Pioneers of the folk process. 

Now cometh this young gent from Lubbock, Texas, Andy Hedges, a fresh young voice - a deeply sincere student of cowboy poetry, story, and song. Our future is in damn good hands. 

His new album combines traditional gems, along with nods to Teddy "Blue" Abbott, The Carter Family, Peter LaFarge, Derroll Adams, Jimmie Driftwood, and collaborations with Waddie Mitchell, Joel Nelson, and John Dofflemyer. What else do you need, buckaroo?

The songs are backed up by Andy's great finger-picking guitar and banjo, and fine harmonies from his wife Alissa. This cowboy songster is not just a contender, he's the real deal. 

Hold fast. Hang and rattle. Spur wild the cowboy dream. And listen." 

-Tom Russell, Austin, TX, January 2019

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