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Sonoran Turquoise Seven Stone Pendant with Chain by Etta Endito

Sonoran Turquoise Seven Stone Pendant with Chain by Etta Endito

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This playful and elegant necklace centers around the striking blue greens of Sonoran Gold Turquoise arranged in a flourish suspended from a single round piece attached to the bail. Eye-catching and unique, this piece is perfect for wearing alone or with strands of Navajo pearls!

Sonoran Gold is mined in Mexico, near the City of Cananea. Relatively new in the market, this type of turquoise is a newer deposit in the Cananea mines located at Campitos Mountain. In the turquoise market, the high-grade type of Sonoran Gold turquoise is a two-tone, usually, the one that fades from baby blue to lime green. It also has a golden to brown spider-web like matrix. This turquoise is not mined in veins, but as individual nuggets that are typically found in clay deposits.

Etta Endito is a Navajo silversmith and artist. She started crafting Native American jewelry in 1980 with her husband Randy, with whom she shares four children. She is constantly learning about new mines and stone cutters and has a gift for picking "winning rocks."

  • Chain measures 18" end to end with beads 1/8" across
  • Pendant Dimensions: 1 1/2" wide, 3 1/2" high, 1/4" setting depth
  • Hallmarks: Ee, Sterling
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