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Spirits of the Earth: A Guide to Native American Nature Symbols, Stories, and Ceremonies

Spirits of the Earth: A Guide to Native American Nature Symbols, Stories, and Ceremonies

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Much of the ancient knowledge that has been passed down from Native American medicine men, or shamans, is in danger of being lost.

Bobby Lake-Thom, a Native American healer known as Medicine Grizzly Bear, has sought to preserve this powerful heritage by sharing his wisdom and experience learning from the world around us.

The result is Spirits of the Earth, an extraordinary compilation of legends and rituals about nature's ever-present signs. From the birds that soar above us to the insects beneath our feet, Bobby Lake-Thom shows how the creatures of the earth can aid us in healing and self-knowledge.

What does it mean if a hawk appears in a dream? What are the symbolic interpretations of a deer, a skunk, a raccoon? Lake-Thom, who has studied with the elders of many tribes, explains the significance of animal figures as manifestations of good or evil, and shows how we can develop our own powers of awareness and intuition.

The first book of its kind, this practical and enlightening resource includes dozens of fascinating animal myths and legends, as well as exercises and activities that draw upon animal powers for guidance, healing, wisdom, and the expansion of spiritual influences in our lives. You'll discover here:

   • How animals, birds, and insects act as signs and omens
   • The significance of vision quests
   • How to make and use a medicine wheel
   • The role of spirit symbols—and how they affect the unconscious
   • Excercises for creative dreaming
   • The power of the earth-healing ceremony
   • How to increase your spiritual strength and create sacred spaces
   • And more

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