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Spring Will Come: The Life of Clem McSpadden

Spring Will Come: The Life of Clem McSpadden

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Few people have had such a varied impact upon Oklahoma as did Clem McSpadden. He was a powerful state senator, congressman, and lobbyist. His complete dedication and loyalty to his constituents were unquestioned. No one thought Clem was out for himself, but he was quick to support anything good for Oklahoma.

But beyond his great power in the halls of the State Capitol and in Congress, Clem's greatest legacy may lie in the hearts of the thousands of friends he made during more than a half century as the nation's most recognized voice of rodeo. From sea to shining sea, everybody connected to rodeo knew Clem and considered him one of their best friends. When death called Clem to his final roundup, Oklahoma and the nation lost a sparkling example of one fine man.

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