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Synthetic Raccoon Tail Hat

Synthetic Raccoon Tail Hat

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Raccoon caps were originally worn by Native Americans for hundreds of years as traditional clothing and to keep their heads warm. When European pioneers settled the areas of Tennessee, Kentucky and North Carolina in the 18th and 19th centuries, they adopted it as their own and wore it as a hunting cap. The "coonskin cap" eventually became part of the iconic image associated with American pioneers such as Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett.

Daniel Boone was a frontiersman and pioneer. His many exploits made him one of the United States' first popular heroes. Boone is known especially for his exploration of what is today the state of Kentucky.

As for Davy (or David) Crockett, commonly known as "king of the wild frontier," he was a soldier, politician, frontiersman and popular hero. He represented Tennessee in the US House of Representatives and took part in the Texas revolution (October 1835 to April 1836).

Thanks to Walt Disney and his Disneyland TV series, the pioneer spirit of frontiersman Davy Crockett came into family rooms across America in 1954, spawning a "coonskin cap" craze among children. Davy's courage and honor led him to be a national hero, and kids everywhere wanted a piece of the action. 

  • Synthetic materials -- no real animal fur used!
  • Medium: 22 1/2" circumference, 2 1/2" tall, 6 3/4" diameter, 12" tail
  • Large: 26" circumference, 3 1/2" tall, 7 1/2" diameter, 12" tail
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