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Tenting on the Plains, or General Custer in Kansas & Texas

Tenting on the Plains, or General Custer in Kansas & Texas

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From the time of her husband’s death at the Battle of the Little Big Horn until her own death fifty-seven years later, at the age of ninety, Mrs. George Armstrong Custer devoted herself to defending or embellishing her husband’s reputation.

This account, the second in Elizabeth’s trilogy of her life with the General, focuses on the period immediately following the Civil War, when the Custers were stationed in Louisiana, Texas, and Kansas.

She portrays the aftermath of the Civil War in Texas and life in Kansas while her husband took part in General Winfield Hancock’s 1867 expedition against the Indians between the Arkansas and Platte rivers. Throughout, she provides detailed descriptions of an army officer’s home life on the frontier during this major period of Indian unrest.

This edition, an abridgment of the original 1887 edition, with an Introduction by Jane R. Stewart and a Foreword by Shirley A. Leckie, brings together in a single volume one of the most significant documents of the Old West, here made accessible to a new generation of readers.

About the Author:

 Shirley A. Leckie, Professor of History at the University of Central Florida, is the author of Elizabeth Bacon Custer and the Making of a Myth and Angie Debo: Pioneering Historian.

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