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The Bell Remuda by Robert Lougheed

The Bell Remuda by Robert Lougheed

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Robert Lougheed first visited the historic Bell Ranch in Northeastern New Mexico in 1960 while on assignment for National Geographic. This glimpse into a Western way of life resonated with Bob deeply and eventually led him and his wife Cordy to move from Connecticut to Santa Fe.

The Bell Ranch defined his major studio works in the late 1960s, which Bob exhibited in the annual Cowboy Artists of America show and sale at the Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City.

The creative truth in these major works such as The Bell RemudaThe Bell String on the Move and Scattering the Bell Riders is apparent. They are historic records of the land, the men and the animals of the American West. Bell Ranch foreman, George Ellis, commented that he could name every horse in the paintings as Bob had captured the unique characteristics of each one.

Unsigned Print.

Dimensions: 29 x 17 inches

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