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The Santa Fe Trail: Its History, Legends, and Lore by David Dary

The Santa Fe Trail: Its History, Legends, and Lore by David Dary

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A prize-winning historian of the Old West brings to life the people who laid down the Santa Fe Trail and opened commerce with Spanish America. He uses first-hand accounts and contemporary records to give us a vivid recreation of a time and place crucial to America's westward expansion.

“The famous trail of romantic western lore was established in about 1610 by Spanish settlers of Mexico who had explored western and southern regions of North America long before the French and English arrived. Stretching 900 miles from its origin in Santa Fe through present-day Colorado and Kansas, the trail, originally a combination of many old paths worn down by buffalo, ends in Franklin, Missouri. Enterprising Americans from the east soon discovered that the Spanish of Santa Fe and the nearby Indians had many material needs that they could supply very profitably. Thus the Santa Fe Trail came to be known as a key commercial link to the west. Dary, a leading historian of the Old West, draws on original newspaper stories, letters, diaries, books, and expedition records to re-create the adventures of many tough and colorful people who endured a journey that might take more than two months, if they were lucky enough to survive severe hardship, bad weather, broken axles, and marauding tribes.”—Publishers Weekly

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