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Wagonhound Branded Silk Wild Rag - Blue

Wagonhound Branded Silk Wild Rag - Blue

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Crafted from pure luxurious silk, this full-size wild rag is as versatile as it is fashionable. It features images of the iconic Wyoming Bucking Horse and Rider first used by the state in 1918 along with Wagonhound's instantly recognizable brand. Wagonhound Creek, for which the ranch is named, runs through the property and was given its name due to the number of wagons on the nearby Oregon Trail that, while crossing the creek, broke their "hounds," the part of the wagon that connects the tongue and axle. The brand, read as quarter circle bar quarter circle, is a symbolic representation of a wagonhound.

Uniquely refined and elegantly crafted, this scarf is the perfect way to celebrate Wagonhound and its place in Western history.

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