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We Make a Tiny Herd - WHA Winner 2020

We Make a Tiny Herd - WHA Winner 2020

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We Make a Tiny Herd: Poems to Honor the Burro Lady of Far West Texas by Lucy Griffith.

"Lucy Griffith's work grows out of a passionate love for our southern borderlands, and for their harsh and harshly beautiful landscape. These poems are a poignant lovesong to west Texas, to to the power of 'a woman alone' - be it the nearly mythic figure of 'The Burro Lady' or Griffith herself, calling across the desert to 'La Reina.'" - Patrick Phillips

Happiest on a tractor named Mabel (a muse of 55 horsepower) Lucy Griffith lives on a ranch beside the Guadalupe River near Comfort, TX. As a poet and essayist, she has work in Bearing the Mask: Southwestern Persona Poems and Weaving the Terrain: 100-word Peoms of the Southwest.

She is co-editor of Echoes of the Cordillera: Attitudes and Latitudes Along the Great Divide, an ekphrastic anthology. She was a contributor at Bread Loaf Writer's Conference in 2018. 

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