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When Things Are Quiet by Philip R. Goodwin

When Things Are Quiet by Philip R. Goodwin

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Best known for paintings and illustrations of hunting and fishing, Goodwin was one of the most influential artists that Charlie Russell met in New York in 1904. 

Goodwin visited often at Russell's Bull Head Lodge in Glacier National Park, where the two artists sketched together. In addition to visits in Montana and New York, the two artists maintained their friendship by exchanging illustrated letters.  

Although Goodwin's studio was in New York, he frequently traveled in the West for inspiration. In Colorado, he was able to spend time among working cowboys, which gave authority to his paintings of activities related to cattle ranching such as When Things Are Quiet

Goodwin's paintings are usually characterized by tension or action - predicament pictures - often playing man against nature. When Things Are Quiet is an aptly named departure, depicting a moment of repose for the cowboy and his horse.

Dimension: 24.5 x 37

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