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Natural Blue Ridge Turquoise Bolo with Braided Silver Tassels by Teller Indian Jewelry

Natural Blue Ridge Turquoise Bolo with Braided Silver Tassels by Teller Indian Jewelry

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These self-taught Navajo silversmiths have been making jewelry for over 20 years. They carefully design their pieces and select the stones using a wide variety of natural stones -Turquoise, Lapis, Oyster Shell, Coral, Onyx and more. They show their work in galleries as well as prestigious art shows such as The Heard Museum and Santa Fe Indian Markets. The workmanship is impeccable - you can always depend upon quality when you purchase a piece of Teller Indian Jewelry.

Turquoise from the Blue Ridge Mine is highly prized by collectors and high-end jewelry crafters for its rare mix of striking blue and vivid green stones, the latter of which is often referred to as Orvil Jack turquoise, after the original miner who discovered these entrancing turquoise deposits. Positioned near Crescent Valley and Gold Acres in Lander County, Nevada, the Blue Ridge Mine produces only a rare amount of blue and yellowish green turquoise. Due to the presence of zinc, this mine remains one of the most unique deposits for its variety of color.

This sterling silver bolo features a cluster of teardrop shaped stones surrounding a large, smooth piece of asymmetrical turquoise in an oxidized setting. With hand-sawed details, it also features two oval flat-bezeled drops of turquoise at the tips of each strand. The intricately braided silver cord is joined by a chain and hook closure.

  • Length: each side measures 25 1/2" from closure to tip, 3/8" wide
  • Dimensions: 3 1/2" wide, 4" high
  • Hallmarks: TRT inside a fish, Sterling Silver, Hand Made


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