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Three-Stranded Sterling Silver Navajo Pearl & Hogan Bead Necklace

Three-Stranded Sterling Silver Navajo Pearl & Hogan Bead Necklace

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Navajo Pearls are traditionally made sterling silver beads. Silver beads are a traditional art form for Diné silversmiths, and the beads have as many expressions as there are artisans. Making the beads is a time-consuming process. Each bead begins with silver that has to be melted, rolled and cut. These beads have been oxidized, which is a technique many jewelers use to give sterling silver a black patina. It gives the jewelry an antique or tarnished look. 

Here, several sizes of sterling silver Navajo Pearls are interspersed with ribbed beads of several shapes to create a layered, richly interesting look. Fastened with a traditional hook clasp and a decorated anchor chain, this piece is easy to wear alone or with others to build a truly unique look.

  • Materials: Sterling Silver
  • Dimensions: 22" end to end, 4" anchor chain, pearls range from 1/8" to 1/2" in diameter
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