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Golden Hills Turquoise Circular Ring by Etta Endito

Golden Hills Turquoise Circular Ring by Etta Endito

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This classic Golden Hills Turquoise Circular Ring, crafted by Etta Endito, features a hand-tooled setting and a sterling silver two-pronged solid band. The bright blue stone with brown matrix makes it a collectible and rare piece for any jewelry lover.

Desert Lavender, or Golden Hill Turquoise, is one of the most distinct-looking turquoise variations in the market. Introduced in the US around 2018, its undeniable beauty truly stands out, its light baby blue coloring contrasted strikingly with light brown, brown, and almost lavender matrices that are highly distinguishible. Originally found in a deposit in the Altyn-Tyube mine of Kazakhstan, it is only mined in the freezing cold winter months due to flooding during warm seasons. 

  • Size 9
  • Dimensions: 13/16" across, 7/8" high, 1 1/16" deep
  • Hallmarks: Sterling, Ee
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