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Chickasaw Map II Blanket

Chickasaw Map II Blanket

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Originally painted on deerskin, The Chickasaw Map of 1723 is an important visual of Chickasaw history as it illustrates how the world was viewed by Chickasaw ancestors. The map outlines in an artistic way, waterways, trade routes, and the relationships with other tribes at that time. Experiences and memory were depended on by the Chickasaw people who knew what lay beyond the southeast region, which was coveted by colonists who needed maps. The Chickasaw Map is credited to Fani’ Minko’ (Squirrel Leader or Squirrel King), a Chickasaw warrior and leader.


  • 53 x 75 Inches

  • 100% Egyptian Cotton

  • Made sustainably in the USA

Fabric Care

  • Gentle wash cold. Air dry or tumble dry low.

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