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Not Far from Home: The Paintings of Daniel F. Gerhartz

Not Far from Home: The Paintings of Daniel F. Gerhartz

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The book is a hard cover edition which contains 175 pages and includes 128 full color images and a foreword by Richard Schmid. It is bound in navy blue linen. 

Kewaskum based artist, Daniel Gerhartz's painterly portfolio compiled into this first volume. It talks about his childhood and what motivated him to go into the studio arts.

"Concepts for paintings arrive in many ways and are derived from various sources.  Sometimes I set out to capture a certain sense of light or to develop a composition in a particular color harmony or tonal range. In other instances, I have conceptualized less before beginning.  In these cases, I design in response to a rhythm of line or the unique characteristics of a model or costume," Gerhartz said. 

You can see more of Dan’s work, as well as his technical insights which discusses the techniques and thinking process that went into the painting of several works from his book. 

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