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"Wade Saddle" by Brian Seifert

"Wade Saddle" by Brian Seifert

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Seifert built this fully floral carved saddle on a traditional Wade tree he also built. The semi-square skirts and the in skirt rigging give this saddle a traditional look that also offer close contact for the rider and a narrow seat. Seifert highlighted his carving by dyeing the background mahogany. Engraved silverwork by Scott Hardy adds a touch of elegance and helps elevate the saddle.

(2023 Fellow) Raised in Great Falls, Montana, Brian Seifert attended college in Riverton, Wyoming, where he started colts to help pay his way. After attaining his degree, he continued riding in public exhibitions and on ranches from Wyoming to Texas. All this time on horseback led to a fascination with saddles and other cowboy gear, and an appreciation of the craftspeople who made it, leading him to begin crafting his own tack and other leatherwork. According to Seifert, the TCAA awarded him a lifechanging opportunity when he became a fellow and spent time working with former emeritus member Steve Mecum. He sees this exhibition as a pivot point for his career.

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